Visiting your senior loved one or family member is an important way for them to stay connected and for you to show how much you care. Father’s day is coming up and would be a great opportunity to visit your loved one living in a VRS Retirement Living Community. Here are some ways you can celebrate Father’s Day at a retirement home in Osoyoos.

Bring the Family!

If their family is local, residents love when their entire family come to visit (especially grand kids if they have any!). This is also a great opportunity for you to help your senior loved one video call with people who live far away, as they aren’t always tech savvy enough to arrange these calls on their own. Bring any kids who may not be able to visit on their their own and encourage them to bring a game or puzzle to “show and tell” to your senior loved one as a way to bond. Getting their family together is a great way to remind your senior loved one that they are important and cherished for Father’s Day.

Eat a Meal Together

Whether at Sunshine Ridge or at one of the many restaurants in our beautiful neighbourhood, eating a meal with your loved one is a great way to spend time. Most VRS Seniors Communities are open to dining guests! Your loved one will likely be excited to share some of their everyday life with you by having a meal in Sunshine Ridge’s dining room. If you visit on Father’s Day, please plan ahead and reserve a spot at our special Father’s Day meal! If you can’t make a meal, why not share a snack! Most locations have complementary coffee and snacks readily available, or you could bring your own and have a little picnic in our garden! Sharing a meal can be a natural way to open up conversation and make a connection.

Go for a Walk

Your loved one’s retirement home in Osoyoos features well-kept grounds and gardens, which are great places to explore and get some fresh air. Instead of staying in your loved one’s room, take a slow walk or sit on a park bench to enjoy the outdoors. Conversation will flow easily as you enjoy each other’s company. If your loved one doesn’t want to go outside, going for a walk in our hallways is another great way to be active together. Perhaps your loved one can show you their favourite place

Play a Game

A great activity you can do to celebrate Father’s Day with your senior loved one living in a retirement home in Osoyoos is play games together! Playing card games, board games, active games, and even verbal games are great ways to ensure your loved one is staying mentally active. Looking for some inspiration, check out our recent blog post for three brain games you can play with your senior loved one

Plan an Outing for Them

Our retirement living community is close to Osoyoos, allowing for plenty of fun outings! Make their Father’s Day extra special and plan a day of activities outside of Sunshine Ridge for them. While most VRS seniors communities do have planned excursions, going out can still be a treat for someone living in a retirement home – especially if they get to go with someone they love. 

Attend a VRS Communities Event

VRS Communities offer a large variety of events every week! Ask your loved one which events they typically attend and plan to visit on a day it is happening. Participating in something they love every week will give you a common experience to talk about in the future and will remind them how much you care about them! Check with Sunshine Ridge about any special Father’s Day celebrations you could attend with your loved one! We are sure they would love to introduce you to their friends and neighbours. 

Your visits can be incredibly supportive to your loved one, especially during holidays like Father’s Day. The feelings of happiness and connection formed by your visits will stay with your loved one and make a meaningful impact on their well-being.

If you’re looking for a VRS seniors retirement community that offers a variety of recreational activities, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us to inquire if we offer assisted living services at this VRS location. Call 250.495.2520 to arrange a tour at one of VRS’ warm and friendly independent seniors communities.