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It’s A New Way of Thinking

Sunshine Ridge is YOUR home – our team works around the clock to help provide every comfort and convenience to you. We work every day to help you maintain the independent lifestyle you want within our tight knit community. Because of this attitude, our way of thinking revolves around these important keys:

Living at Sunshine Ridge

Our team promotes each resident’s independence by supporting their capabilities, personal preferences, and doing the little things to help out. Sunshine Ridge was designed for seniors and is barrier-free so residents can move freely throughout the building and grounds.

You Have Choice Here

We respect and promote your autonomy and help you express your health needs and values. Your rights and individuality are recognized and respected, while your involvement in decision making and choices is welcomed and supported.

We Understand What Is Important To You!

At Sunshine Ridge, the dignity of each and every resident is top of mind for our team and the Sunshine Ridge community as a whole. You’ll value the difference in the delivery of services and personal assistance provided by our team, always provided in privacy with the utmost in courtesy and respect.

Confidentiality You Can Count On

Be assured that anything shared with our team will be kept in the highest of confidence. Your personal information is only disclosed with your expressed permission or as legally required.

Freedom in Decision Making

You want to live in a community that offers safety, security, and fellowship, but don’t want to give up the opportunity to make decisions for your life. At Sunshine Ridge, you don’t have to. We promise you’ll always have the right and freedom to choose how you enjoy your independent lifestyle.

Home Sweet Home

Select your private suite and furnish it with your personal furnishings and belongings to make it your own space. Our residents enjoy the coziness of their own suites, but also love to join in with the community to play games, learn new things, and go on fun excursions. Visitors are welcome too, just like home.

New! Senior’s Affordable Living Initiative

Vancouver Resource Society is the first organization in British Columbia to offer this affordable living initiative for seniors. Sunshine Ridge, which offers monthly rentals, is already the most affordable in the South Okanagan and this new initiative could help you save even more money, while not jeopardizing quality or your lifestyle.

For details or to book a tour contact Tracy Harfman General Manager at or 250-495-2520.

The S.A.L.I Program

The S.A.L.I program (Seniors Affordable Living Initiative) is an internal subsidy program which creates an affordable option for low to moderate-income seniors to live at Sunshine Ridge at a price that any senior can afford. Each resident that applies for residency at Sunshine Ridge has the option to be income tested prior to moving in. Rent (including hospitality services) are then calculated and determined both by the individual’s gross monthly income (as stated on their Notice of Assessment) as well as the market rate of the suite they wish to occupy at Sunshine Ridge.

Click Here for the Expenses Calculator
Vancouver Resource Society

About VRS

Vancouver Resource Society started in 1972. Initially, we provided innovative opportunities for persons with disabilities to maximize their independence and community inclusion. Our purpose was to develop housing with programs to support our clients’ values, goals, and objectives.

Today, we’ve expanded our service delivery to include owning and operating independent living residences for seniors throughout B.C. and have quickly become a leader in the industry by offering affordable Independent Living that all seniors can afford. We offer a variety of affordable housing options without ever compromising quality of service, comfort, or resident safety.

Vancouver Resource Society is a non-profit society and a CARF International accredited organization. Operational funding comes from contracts with the Ministry of Children & Families, the Ministry of Health, Community Living B.C and BC Housing.

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Our Team

We have a passionate and dedicated team ready to welcome you! With a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, each team member at Sunshine Ridge brings something unique and indispensable to your experience living at Sunshine Ridge.

Our staff is one of our biggest assets and a big reason why our residents love living at Sunshine Ridge! We are passionate about supporting our residents to live independently in a community-like setting and we work diligently to make YOU number one in a unique, family friendly community.

What People Are Saying

“I like everything here! I love the atmosphere, staff and other residents are easy to get along with. Tracy (the General Manager) showed me a few rooms and I found one I really liked, so I signed the papers that day and have been living here since December 2015 and loving it.”- Bob F.
Resident, Sunshine Ridge

“I love the food, the variation of the food, I also like the choices that we have for meals. The staff do all they can to make you feel welcome and comfortable. There are many recreational programs that you can join in on. The location is ideal, so close to so many amenities and a short walk to the lake.”- Mavis A.
Resident, Sunshine Ridge

“I have the freedom to come and go as I want. I like the idea you don’t have to cook, you come down and have a nice meal. I love the atmosphere here. I like the comradery with staff and the people who live here. The cleanliness is unbelievable.”- Ozzy O.
Resident, Sunshine Ridge

“My husband & I moved to Sunshine Ridge in 2012. I was very impressed with how clean and well laid out the rooms are - and we could bring our dog too! I love the suite and the staff are very friendly and accommodating. This year we celebrated my husband’s 90th and had about 35 family and friends come to Sunshine Ridge, some stayed in the spacious guest suites. We took over the Country Kitchen, decorated the patio and the staff came to wish him Happy Birthday. We feel we are part of a big family!”- Anne-Marie T.
Resident, Sunshine Ridge

“I have found things that really interest me, like the exercise programs, games, bus trips and many other things. I also joined the Art club here. I have never painted in my life! Now I have learned and it is such a satisfying feeling accomplishing something you never knew you could do. I also like the comradery at meals. If I sat in an apartment I would be having a cheese sandwich and here I have nourishing, delicious meals which is worth a lot!”- Glady P.
Resident, Sunshine Ridge

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